Skunk rescued from ice cream lid in British Columbia


A British Columbia couple enlisted the help of a wildlife rescuer to help a skunk they spotted wandering near their home with a plastic ice cream lid stuck around its neck.

Bryan and Mira O’Connor said they and their neighbors in North Vancouver made multiple attempts to capture the skunk after it was caught on camera wandering through the neighborhood with the plastic dome lid around its neck.

“It was so thin and moving so much slower than the other skunks I’ve seen in the neighborhood, and I was really concerned,” Bryan O’Connor told CTV News.

The couple said they tried setting a live trap for the skunk, but succeeded only in catching a large raccoon.

“The whole big raccoon family around was very upset. They were waiting for him to come out. Of course we released him right away. At that point, we realized we really needed some help,” Mira O’Connor said.

The couple enlisted the help of Cathy Kenning, a volunteer with the Critter Care Wildlife Society.

Kenning was able to trap the skunk in a net without anyone being sprayed. She found the skunk’s front leg also was caught in the lid.

Kenning cut through the lid and took the skunk to Critter Care’s facility for rehabilitation. The rescue group said the skunk, now dubbed Cupcake, will be returned to the wild in a few weeks.